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Specialty Reports

No therapy area is homogenous. Each contains a wide range of people with differing risks, needs and potential outcomes. Our rheumatology report is the first in a series of publications built using Health iQ’s intelligent data analytics and modelling tools. It helps organisations unpick how COVID-19 and related pathway changes will impact on this particular patient group, both immediately and in the longer term.

Uncover the
unmet need created by Covid-19 by using our speciality area reports.

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Get a Detailed Analysis

Uncover the unmet need created by Covid-19 by using our speciality area reports.

Numbers of vulnerable and shielding patients, based on factors such as diagnosis and medication schedule

How changes in the quantity or frequency of new and follow-up consultations can impact on the specified patient group.

Changes in patient demand for care by diagnosis code, medication utilised, and age profile using longitudinal data.

2019 monthly inpatient and outpatient data as an indicator of potential unmet need.

Benefits for Life Sciences Companies

Our report will help life sciences companies working within rheumatology

Uncover where products could help the NHS reduce or mitigate the impact of COVID-related changes on treatment and outcomes

Predict and support changes in the way their products are supplied and deployed (e.g. home care vs. hospital care)

Understand how pathway changes might impact the overall demand for their product.

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