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Covid-19 Model

In an evolving crisis like COVID-19, simulation models that use up-to-date information are essential to predicting the impact of pathway and intervention changes on product demand. Our data-driven COVID-19 model enables organisations to do just that. It is a proactive approach that puts companies in control of the uncertainties surrounding demand, clinical outcomes, and revenue changes.

model the financial and clinical cost of Covid-19 on your organisation

By accurately modelling the changes set out in the new NHS England COVID-19 management guidelines, organisations can:

Reveal how changes such as greater utilization of homecare and moving non-elective appointments to telemedicine creates need for their products.

Model varying pandemic lengths, second wave scenarios, and possible “return to normal” timescales to overcome uncertainty.

Forecast revenues by modelling how changes to new and follow up outpatient appointments and elective procedures impact demand and patient backlog.

Model the impact of pathway and demand changes on market share, as well as the financial impact of supporting Trusts in need, both on the NHS and life-science companies.

Test new models of care and changes to care pathways to support the NHS

A real-world
evidence model of the impact of Covid-19

A Covid-19 forecasting model to Accurately model the financial and clinical cost on your organisation.

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