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Cohort Builder

COVID-19 is changing patient pathways overnight, having far-reaching consequences for specialist services and the people who rely on them. In order to respond to the unmet need created by this rapidly evolving crisis, organisations first need to identify and understand it.

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data is the foundation of this understanding, yet its longitudinal analysis has traditionally been lengthy, laborious and complex.

Cohort Builder, Health iQ’s new longitudinal analysis tool, changes all that. It enables the user to select a specific patient cohort and then quickly pull data from multiple HES datasets into one integrated dashboard for analysis.

Follow your
cohort longitudinally throughout the pandemic to understand patient outcomes.

Our Cohort Builder can help life sciences companies working within rheumatology

Access longitudinal data rapidly in many different specialties, often within minutes.

Refine your own criteria for outcome measurement, rather than use predefined ones

Our data allows cohorts to be followed throughout the pandemic to see their journey, and outcomes that result from their pathway, medication and care package.

Analyse unlimited specialty areas and diagnosis codes.

·Analyse demand down to individual trust level

Access monthly aggregate and trust level HES data, updated every month.

Critical data
at your fingertips

In short, our cohort builder puts the information that companies need to spot opportunities for improvement, drive business change and protect the NHS at users’ fingertips.

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